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Installing and activating ACT! 2013 on a new Laptop from an old laptop

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Installing and activating ACT! 2013 on a new Laptop from an old laptop

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I am having a nightmare dealing with ACT! Customer Service. They are a complete joke.


I have current possession of my CD's of ACT 2009, 2011 and 2012, which I upgraded to 2013 last fall (and paid for it then online as well). I had to jump up and down, scream and pitch a fit just to get the serial number from them back then, but finally I got through to someone who helped me. The 2013 upgrade kept telling me that my license was only for one computer and that I had no more additional licenses available (number = 0), or some such non-sense. I am a one-man band, with one computer, so I only need one license! How you can sell a software package with 0 licenses is beyond me...


But I digress...


Now I have a 7 year old failing HP laptop that I am replacing with a Macbook Pro running parallels with Windows 8 64-bit OS.

I cannot find any procedure for installing and activating 2013, and the Customer Support people tell me that I can have the answer for only $99 paid to the technical support people! Unbelievable! Really? They want me to pay almost as much as the software originally cost just to answer one question? That takes some balls, demanding that I pay AGAIN for what should be a simple installation procedure...


So I go on the search for information, taking the better part of two days to try to find the Holy Grail of Installation Procedures, to no avail. I also get on "Customer Support" Chat...but it is only a thinly disguised sales channel for the $99 Technical Support call...or if you make them mad, they then send you over to the accounting software customer support "by mistake". Useless information and false links...this is Customer Support from Sage!


Dear God, can someone help me? All I want to do is move my ACT! 2013 software and databases over to my new computer. Surely there is a way...


Buddy Lee


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Re: Installing and activating ACT! 2013 on a new Laptop from an old laptop

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Hello Buddy,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Community. I'm sorry to hear of the frustrations you are having with installing ACT! 2013 on your new machine. In reading the chat log, it does appear there were some misunderstandings between you and the CS representative, but I do not see where anything wrong was intentionally done. To answer the questions you had regarding the installation:

- Yes, you can install ACT! 2013 Pro on your Windows 8 64-bit parallel O/S

- Yes, you can use the same serial number


There is no need to 'move' the installation, you would just do a new install on your new machine. You can find instructions for installing ACT! 2013 in the following Knowledgebase article:


You will however need to move your database to the new operating system. This Knowledgebase article provides instructions:


Most importantly, for a Windows 8 O/S, you will need to have the full version of ACT! 2013 Pro with Service Pack 1 already applied (version Please see your Private Messages in this forum - I have sent you a download link.


If you have any further questions or issues with the installation, please post them in this thread.


Thank you,

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.