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Installing Act Pro 2012-Many Problems Resolved

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Installing Act Pro 2012-Many Problems Resolved

I run Act on five computers.  All functioned well under Act 2012, The bad news is that the instalation failed partially or completely on three of them to the point that Act was totally unusuable on any of tthe three


The good news is that Sage's technical support folks were helpful and knowledgeable to the point that in one case spent nearly four hours working to resolve the problem.   This represents a marked improvement over the simply disgraceful and incompetent support that Sage has provided in previous years.


All in all, I personally spent about 9 hours in working independently and with the Sage support team to resolve the issues.  They appear now to be behind me. 


Nevertheless, Sage simply doesn't--and never has done--sufficent beta testing before shoving the product out the door.  (I know this personally because in past years I have been a beta tester.)


In short, when it comes to a bug-free product, Sage is better than ever before, but still well short of where it needs to be.



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Re: Installing Act Pro 2012-Many Problems Resolved

I woudl agree that beta testing needs to be more complete but it has always been that way so do not see it changing. Some machines I have seen have issues with upgrading has mainly been because of issues with registry and often an uninstall and cleanup first has been a faster method

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Re: Installing Act Pro 2012-Many Problems Resolved

I agree. Excellent tech support. Normally only one minute or so to wait.


I've been working on v2013 for a couple of days now and I've found at least 20 bugs. They are all more than cosmetic, NOT show-stoppers, but are hard to replicate...I can only spend so much time on the phone helping the support guys . To me this is a great product BUT it is still really a beta product IMHO.