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Install time for upgrade

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Install time for upgrade

I have a client that is currently running ACT! 2000 and they are wanting to upgrade to the current version of ACT!. I am putting together and quote and was wondering if somebody could give me a ball park estimate on the amount of time it will take to perform the upgrade. I have never installed ACT! so I have no baseline to even start with. Another question is does the current version automatically read the 2000 data or is there a data migration required.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Install time for upgrade

Act! 2011 is a COMPLETELY different beast than Act! 2000.


I might suggest doing a dry run on your own with a backup copy of the client's database on one of your test systems.


There are numerous variables that will impact the time it takes:

  • CPU, hard-drive, RAM, etc. on PC(s) that you will be installing on
  • whether or not the prerequisites are already installed (correct .Net version, Windows installer, etc.)
  • overall health of the OS you are installing on (is it running clean or does it have hiccups, freezes and the like)
  • Size and health of the database being converted... (and type/amount of customizations)


To convert the 2000 database, after you have 2011 installed and running correctly, you will open the 2000 database and this will kick off the conversion process...


When everything is good, installing Act! is a piece of cake.  When there are underlying issue in the system and/or the database to be converted, it is challenging to say the least.