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Install Error for ACT 2013 on windows 8.1

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Install Error for ACT 2013 on windows 8.1

I tried to upgrade act 2010 to act 2013 and keep getting this error message.  I uninstalled and reinstalled twice.  Please help!




Exceptions occurred while executing the database Schema Update Script.


Changed database context to 'master'.Changed database context to 'act5869'.
*********** Schema Update failed **************
*********** Exception message follows *********

* Sql Server Product Version Check Failure - Version Running Is Not a Supported Version. Exiting from update.
Process ID 55 has raised user error 50000, severity 25. SQL Server is terminating this process.
A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded.

Schema Update failed.

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Re: Install Error for ACT 2013 on windows 8.1

I haven't seen the error before but it looks like you'll need to uninstall SQL 2005.  If you aren't using it for something else (you probably aren't) Act! will install SQL 2008 R2 in it's place.



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