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Install Act! 2008, previous versions on same computer

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Install Act! 2008, previous versions on same computer

My husband has used Act! for years. He has a database in Act! 2007 that I'd like to migrate to Act! 2008.  The 2007 version is quite slow on our computer and I suspect it is because he has 3 different versions of Act! installed on the computer, although he only uses 2007.  What is the best way to migrate the 2007 database to 2008 (I have not installed 2008 yet), and delete all the old vesions of Act! from the computer? Do I export the database from 2007, then install 2008 and import the 07 to 08?  Then, do I delete the old versions of Act? I want to make sure I don't delete my database in the process. Please advise the best way to proceed. I am not sure if I should delete the old Act! versions prior to installing 2008 or afterwards? thanks

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Re: Install Act! 2008, previous versions on same computer

Hi Jennifer,



The very first thing you should do is log into your database and back it up.

File -> Backup -> Database

This process will result in a <whateveryoucallit>.zip file which you should keep very safe

* burn to CD? put on USB key? - you get the point :-)



then I would use the ACT! uninstaller to remove previous versions of ACT! You can get it here, infact you should work as per the article:



After rebooting the machine install your shiney new version of ACT! by Sage from the CD



In the new version of ACT! go to 'File -> Restore -> Database'. Choose the option for 'Restore As' which will ask you for your backup file (created in step 1)


** I canot stress how important the backup file its, please keep it safe **