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Increasing field size has persistent, weird message

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Increasing field size has persistent, weird message

Hi guys,


I am trying to increase a field size from 50 characters to more (like 100, but anything over 50).  I go to tools, define, etc.  No problem finding the place to change the number of characters. 


Here is the problem; when I click FINISH, after asking me if I'm sure I want to do this, I get a second pop-up message that says the "combined number of fields exceed the...whatever...please remove or decrease fields...blah blah (not sure)".


So I removed fields, and lowered the characters in others (had some unused fields anyways).  Still get that message - its weird.





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Re: Increasing field size has persistent, weird message

You likely have one or more spill over tables and the fields your are removing or decreasing in size are in the main table or a different spill over table. Under the circumstances your best choice is to add a new field of the desire size with a slightly different name and then copy the contents of the present field to the new field. Once the copy is complete you can delete the original field and even rename the new field to the original field name.

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