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Inbox disappeared from Act! email

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Inbox disappeared from Act! email

I use Act email. I sent an email and got this error message: 'Cannot send email'

When I've gotten this message in the past, all my Act email folders become empty: Inbox, Sent, etc.  But this time I don't even have an Inbox folder. I've tried rebooting and re-launching Act with no luck.

When I click Send/Receive it says it is downloading and saving messages, but it won't display the messages.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Inbox disappeared from Act! email



  Welcome to the Act! Community Forum!


  Our Customer Support representatives have a tool that can restore your email to full functionality.  I would suggest giving us a call at 800-927-3989.

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Re: Inbox disappeared from Act! email

I use also ACT!mail, I have four mailbox setted , when I received mails yesterday one of the mailbox was remain empty in all box (Inbox, deleted items, sent items) How do I recover them?