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Inability to filter Histories

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Inability to filter Histories

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Hi all,


Maybe I'm missing something, but I am trying to filter the recorded Histories for my accounts. When I right-click on the History field and select Filter History, the "Types" menu shows "All". I want to set a filter so that when I run a Notes/History report, all that shows is the history of when an Activity is cleared, and the associated Note that I may enter during the "clearing" process.


But there seems to be no way to narrow/filter what's recorded in the History for an account. 


When I make a sales call, I'd like to record some notes when I'm clearing the Activity, and then at the end of a day generate a History report that I can use as a "call report" for my manager. What he DOESN'T want to see is histories of "fields changed", or "contact deleted", or other types of account maintenance.


I am using ACT 2010...


Sorry for the rambling post - thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Inability to filter Histories

You're correct that there isn't any way to directly filter the history types within a report template. If all you're interested in is a count of activity types then the History Summary Classic report might do. It can be modified to track different history types than those in the standard report. I was able to create a highly customized report for the report package I sell that reports on only the most recent Call Completed, Meeting Held, To do Done and note for each contact within a specified date range. A variation of that report might do what yu want.
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