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Importing v-cards in ACT!

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Importing v-cards in ACT!

There must be a way to import/load v-cards (internet standard contact information) into ACT!, but I don't see it. I have ACT! v10 and integrate it with Outlook for e-mail. What am I missing?
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Re: Importing v-cards in ACT!

Unfortunately, you can only import vCard data into ACT! when using the ACT! email client.
I suggest you post this as a feature request here -
I have, a while ago... but the more who ask, the more likely it is to happen
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Re: Importing v-cards in ACT!

Yes, it is very uncomfortable to change the email client from Outlook to ACT! to import vcards and then switch back to Outlook as client.


@SAGE: Please provide a better solution - e.g. a direct input filter for vcards in ACT!


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