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Importing to update group membership

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Importing to update group membership

I want to update group membership for a number of contacts (related to status of a campaign).  I thought the easiest way would be to export, make the changes in Excel, and then import.  However, as I read it (and try it), I can only import/export contact records or group definitions, not associations.


Am I missing something?


I guess I can do this in several stages by using a User field, and then selecting the User field to do a lookup that then allows me to move the group membership around.  But this probably isn't much better than using a full contact list to select from.


Is there a better approach?



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Re: Importing to update group membership

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Importing group membership is only retrained with database to database imports/exports.


There are addon products that will allow you to assign group/company memberships when importing Excel documents.  One that comes to mind is ImportIt.  


Please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -

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