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Importing of Documents

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Importing of Documents

Quarterly we run reports from another piece of software.  They are saved as PDF files.  We'd like to be able to import all documents at one time.  Currently we have to import one document at a time and attach it to the specific contact.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Importing of Documents

itImport - (Advanced or Professional)


You need a CSV or Excel file with fields to match the records in ACT! and for the fields and Path to the document.

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Re: Importing of Documents



You might also want to consider Inaport for ACT from us. As with itImport, you will need to create a data source (Excel, text, Access, SQL Server, ...) that lists the full path to the files. Perhaps your external process can create a table during the report generation?


Alternatively, Inaport can also query most data sources directly - you may be able to import the information directly.


More information from our web site, or contact




David Evans

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