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Importing into ACT 2009

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Importing into ACT 2009

I have imported into my ACT database many times, but for some I can't get it to work. I have tried about everything, please let me know if anyone has any other suggestions. These are some of the steps I have tried already

Already ran 'Check and Repair' on the database

Already tried importing from other work stations and directly into the server machine 

I disable 'Duplicate Checking

I tried importing a text and a comma delimited file

Are the any preferences I should check, don't known what else to do!

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Re: Importing into ACT 2009

Hello Johanna323,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Can you provide more detail as to what is happening/not happening when you import?  (ex: Adds some, but not all contacts)


Things to try:

- Attempt import into Demo (or create new) database: successful or not?

- Manually create a new csv file with 2 or 3 records and attempt to import it.  Successful or not?  If yes, the issue may be with the original file being imported.

Greg Martin