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Importing files to ACT

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Importing files to ACT

Need to merge Excel database and import to ACT.


There are multiple contacts from each institution (hospital). These contacts may have different phone numbers,

fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and may even be at different locations. We also need notes and history for each of

these contacts on an ongoing basis.


How do I do this import? Do I use Groups and Subgroups, or Contacts and Secondary Contacts,

or Company?


Which version of ACT should I be using?


P.S. I have a sample file available, but do not see how I can attach it.

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Re: Importing files to ACT

If you need to keep notes and histories on them individually, you need to make each a seperate contact.

You can make each instituation a Company and the locations to be divisions within the Company.


If you have a large number, you might find it's easier to use itImport to do the importing as it can create the companies and locations for you on the fly.