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Importing excel problems

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Importing excel problems

I am having terrible problems importing excel files into my contacts.  I follow the import wizard and don't have any problems.  But, the contacts are never there when it's finished.  


Can anybody help?



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Re: Importing excel problems

Have you check the information is being imported into the correct fields by checking the map during the import wizard?


This can be done by clicking on the single right arrow at top of the page on slide 6 of 8 in the import wizard. This will then show you the actual data & which coloum it's being imported into for each record.


If the data is being imported into the wrong fields then you need to reconfigure your map, which you can do within the same slide of the wizard. i.e. make sure the data in the 'preview field' coloum relates to what should be going into the 'to this field' coloum. This can be achieved by using the drop down within the 'to this field' coloum.