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Importing creates duplicate contacts

Tuned Listener
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Importing creates duplicate contacts

Duplicate checking enabled.  I've tried several different 'settings'.  Company, contact etc.


Problem is that several duplicates appear after importing.  


My company uses an Access Database to maintain 'client' records.  I received a text delimited file with my 'clients'.   Mapped and successfully imported the file.


I started the month with 751 contacts that were imported from a Text delimited file.  

I added 9 contacts during the next 2 weeks.  


I received the updated 'contacts file from my company.  Which includes the 'clients' updated sales production, lost clients etc.

When I import the new file I end up with 919 contacts.


The updated file had 750 clients (Lost one client).  Added to the 9 new clients added this month I should have 759 total clients.


I've tried each of the 4 options under 'Contact Merge Options' several times. Each time after restoring the original database.  

I've tried the same after restoring the 'updated database' which included the 760 clients.  


Just for 'fun' I've even tried importing the orignal file (751 contacts) into the freshly restored database which includes the 9 newly added contacts.  The total number of clients is never 760.  Regardless of the Merge Options selected.


Lastly, I imported the original file into a freshly created database. 751 clients.  Then imported the orginal file with 751 clients.  900+ clients appear after the import.


Suggestions?  I am not willing to 'purchase' additional software or tools or add-ons. 


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Re: Importing creates duplicate contacts

Which version of ACT! are you using?  Are you importing a CSV or TXT file?  This issue is usually caused by the formatting in the file being imported.  Edit the remove and remove any blank lines/rows and invalid characters.
Tuned Listener
Posts: 9
Country: United States

Re: Importing creates duplicate contacts

ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version

I am using a TXT file.  

I am not quite sure what you mean by: " Edit the remove and remove any blank lines/rows and invalid characters"

Thank you.