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Importing contacts from CSV - Question about Contact, First Name, and Last Name

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Importing contacts from CSV - Question about Contact, First Name, and Last Name

I have a 29,000 contact record CSV that I need to import into a new Act 2011 database. The fields in the CSV are as follows:



Address 1

Address 2








As you can see first and last name are together in a single Contact field. This isn't an issue for the records that only have two words for Contact, Act automatically seperates them into the First Name and Last Name fields in the database. But for the records that have more than two words in that field, it is sticking them into middle name and then I have no idea where for Contacts with more than 3 words. Once imported into Act the full name regardless of how many words appears correctly in the Contact field, so I know they are getting into the DB, just not sure into what fields.


So I guess my question is what would be the proper way to handle this? What is the downfall of having imported contacts in the DB that have 4 or 5 words in the Contact field?

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Re: Importing contacts from CSV - Question about Contact, First Name, and Last Name

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It may work if you use tab delimited txt file instead of csv? just guessing?

You can save your csv to a txt file format ex:

Simply open your excel document, go to File>Save as... (you will also need to click "other formats" if you are using Office 2007 or later) select either Text (tab delimited) or CSV (comma delimited) and save your document.
you can then select the corresponding option from the drop down, load up your file and import your data.
Be aware that if there are already commas or tabbed spaces in your data, then this will not work as you want, you will want to remove those prior to saving the document in a new format.


Also be sure to check your Dup Checking stuff in your Tools/Preferences/Admin TAB area.


Not sure how you are mapping things as you do your import into ACT!2011 but this link may help;

Import Export Best Practices

Reference kb article link  - cheers - FSB



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