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Importing and Exporting to sort data

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Importing and Exporting to sort data

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I'd be grateful for some definitive answers to a few questions on importing and exporting data before I start messing around.


I have a list of contacts that I need to do various housework things for (delete unnecessary titles, change contacts entered in all upper case to correct cases etc etc)


The easiest way for me to sort this data is to export it to Excel and work on the data there.


My questions arise when putting the data back - will the entries duplicate or just update the information I have updated?


Secondly, if many of these contacts have links to Sage Accounts profiles, will these links become broken on a new insertion of data, or will they remain?


If someone could explain the above for me, with reasoning of why wht will happen will happen, I will be most appreciative in deciding how to go about updating the entries.


As an aside, I wanted to sort the 'Contact' field, as many have 'Mr' or 'Mrs'before the name, which I wish to remove - however, it seems to search by surname only. Is there  way to change this?


EDIT: ACT! by Sage 2010 Version 12.0.409.0

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Re: Importing and Exporting to sort data

To update the changes, you'd need an addon such as itImport or OakMerge

Depending on the functions you need, this might do it inside ACT!:
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Re: Importing and Exporting to sort data

While the import process has an option for 'Replace with source' to overwrite fields, I believe the basic reason for the export/import may make this process undesirable.  With the import process, you will will define the 'Duplicate Checking' criteria - for example: check for matching contact name.  If you intend to update the contact field (removing/updating names), they will not be identified as duplicates during the import (ex: 'Mr. John Smith' will not match 'John Smith') and will create new records.


Updating information for an existing contact record should not affect the Sage Accounts link.


The sort of 'Contact' cannot be changed, but you can add additional fields to the List View - then sort by it/them.  To add columns: right-click column header area > select 'Customize Columns'.  You may want to add fields 'First Name' and 'Last Name'.


Note: Always create a backup of the database before performing mass updates to data (File > Back Up > Database).


For testing purposes you can use the File > Save Copy As option, to create a copy of the database into which you can test your imports.  Once you have determined the desired options, perform the import into the original database.




Greg Martin