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Importing a Single Outlook Contact

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Importing a Single Outlook Contact

I am trying to find out how to import just one Outlook Contact into ACT. When I use the Act Import wizard, it only gives me the option to import all of my contacts in Outlook.
Any help would be appreciated

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Importing a Single Outlook Contact

Your best bet would be to get a third party app such as Contact Capture ( and use that.  You cannot "import" just one from Outlook, but you can using this program.
Richard Brust
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Re: Importing a Single Outlook Contact



for only one contact, just retype the data.


However, if you really want to import, then:

  • in Outlook create a new Contacts Folder
  • move the contact record to the new folder (drag)
  • export the folder to Excel
  • save the file as .csv
  • import to ACT!

Tidy up Outlook when you finish.



Neil Gilford
ACT! Certified Consultant
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