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Importing a Group into Act 2010 based on email addresses

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Importing a Group into Act 2010 based on email addresses

Dear All


I'm not sure if anyone has tried this before, but i thought I would ask because it seems the sort of thing that someone would do. We currently use act as a contacts management system and it holds all the details of our clients. We also have some other systems that allow users access to websites, these other systems store peoples email addresses. We are looking to add a group to act to indicate if the contacts already in act have access to our websites. Is it possible that if we have a csv of peoples email addresses that we can import that into act and create a group based on if the email addresses match?


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Re: Importing a Group into Act 2010 based on email addresses

One of the features added to new ACT, including your version is the ability to have  both static and dynamic groups.  So, you wouldn't import them into the group directly, rather you would as part of your import add a collumn to your import in your case called Website Access (might be a check box yes/no). Create a subsequent field in ACT or use an existing field.


Do you import, once this is done, create your group and set the dynamic criteria for the group to include all contacts where for example the field Website access is equal to true. 


The nice thing about this method is at you update aCT you can take away or give access to your website, make the change in teh contact field and your group updates automatically.  (Dynamic verses static)

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