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Importing Problem - duplicate contacts

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Importing Problem - duplicate contacts

Hello, I'm running ACT! Pro 2011 on Windows XP and I'm having a recurring issue with importing contacts. I've tested multiple methods (and tested other contact management systems, including ACT's best friend Outlook!) but cannot find a simple solution to this very basic issue.


Here's the general rundown:

  1. I import a test contact from a CSV file into a blank database with data in the fields for First Name and Last Name.
  2. I update the same CSV file with a phone number in the Phone field and save.
  3. I import the test contact again, mapping the Phone field and telling ACT to merge the duplicate.
  4. I get two contacts in ACT, one with the Phone field populated and one with it empty.

ACT doesn't seem to recognize that this is the SAME contact with updated information - and I'm planning on creating a VERY large database with a HUGE number of contacts (and companies, which I CANNOT run the Remove Duplicates tool with) which will likely be updated and have fields added regularly, but if it keeps creating duplicates, I feel like I can never get anywhere with my database. It sounds like I would need to wipe my database/start a new one and import my most recent contact list.


Is there ANY way to "update" contact fields and have ACT understand to merge them? 


I've tried this with XLS and CSV files with the same result.

Outlook is capable of merging fields flawlessly.


Thank you so much for any suggestions you folks can offer!

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Re: Importing Problem - duplicate contacts