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Importing Last Name and FN, Different last names

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Importing Last Name and FN, Different last names

I am importing customer data from csv into Act 2007.  2 questions:


1)  I mapped FIRST NAME and LN from csv into same in Act, but doesn't seem to do anything.  I expected that when I looked at the Contact's FN/LN pop-up box, that it would be filled in correctly.  But it seems that the Contact data take precedence. 


For example, when CONTACT = Dave L. & Kathy Smith, FN = Dave & Kathy in csv, the result is FIRST NAME = Dave L. in Act..  WHY?  It seems like importing FN and LN into Act doesn't do anything if you also import a CONTACT.  True?


2)  Am I missing a strategy to better handle contacts with different last names? 


For example, CONTACT = Frank Wright & Amelia Earhart.  I want the Saluation to read Frank and Amelia, but that isn't even one of the drop down choices.  So, I have to manually type it.  So, the FN and LN fields will never be right for reports.



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Re: Importing Last Name and FN, Different last names

You are basically correct. The Contact field is a concatonation of the first names and last names fields. You can use one method or the other.

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