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Importing Excel into ACT 10.0

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Importing Excel into ACT 10.0


I successfully complete the ACT install wizard and get to the last step where it shows the install in progress, and then bam my contact record count doesn't update, even after hitting refresh and restarting ACT.


I have tried it with .CSV and .TXT files (same spreadsheet) and I get this problem both times.  Install performs as though it worked, i.e. no error message, and then I have nothing.

Please help. I have read a bunch of threads on this and none seem to help as I didn't encounter those pre-install issues. 




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Re: Importing Excel into ACT 10.0

What do you have set for duplicate checking?
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Importing Excel into ACT 10.0

Heather,  I import leads daily into ACT via Excel.    I have run into this situation a few times.    I suggest you check:


1)  In the raw Excel file (txt, or ....) after it is saved as a TXT file from an XLS, sometimes the data is screwed up.  You need to visually inspect every row of data in Excel TXT file.    I have found some wierd entries.   Simply delete the wierd rows of data and try it again.   That has worked for me.


2)  Memo fields with > 256 characters pose some problems.   Trim those down before saving if there are any issues w/this type of field.


~ David