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Importing Excel Data to Groups

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Importing Excel Data to Groups

New user here, last few years spent working in iMIS database, new job is on act. I like act better but they have a ways to go with regards to using it to the maximum of its capabilities.


I want to be able to import information from Excel files into the database, I know this is possible but I want to know if you can import directly into a group that is already created. When going through the process importing Groups is an option but there is no place to pick a group to dump the information in.


Is this possible and does anyone know the steps to make this happen.


Thanks much!

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Re: Importing Excel Data to Groups

Here's what I would do.  In your excel file, create a collumn called user15 and it in all the way down, give the import a name (like Houston Trade Show, or Bob's contacts). Just something uniquie to be able to find the data when you get into ACT.


Then do your import. Import User15 in Excel into User15 in ACT


Now in ACT, do a lookup on User15 and find all contacts with the value of (Houston Trade Show, or Bob's contacts). Then add these contacts to your group.

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