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Importing Data - Records dropped

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Importing Data - Records dropped

I am importing data from Act 2011 Prem into a Publisher Database - Also Act 2011 Premium.

Only 430 of the 460 records are being imported and I'm assuming it is because there are duplicate records. 


I am pretty sure they are not corrupt records because I created an empty copy of the destination database and imported into the destination.   All 460 records are imported successfully.  I use this new database to import into the Publisher database.


How can I identify the duplicates so that I can determine that they are actually being merged and not dropped?




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Re: Importing Data - Records dropped

Hello Craig,
To see which records are being identified as duplicates during the import. check the "Confirm each match" box found on the "Specify Merge Options" screen (screen 5). This will give you a record-by record view of matching contacts during the import.

Greig Hollister

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