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Importing Contacts from Excel

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Importing Contacts from Excel



I am a bit new to this but someone told me that you can import contacts from excel into ACT.  Does anyone know how to do this ?  Or can you inport from other programs.. HELP Please;0

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Re: Importing Contacts from Excel

Yes, from ACT 2011 onwards you can import directly from Excel (and before that you had to use .txt or .csv file format). From the ACT menu: File -> Import and select Excel  as the file type. The wizard then walks you through the process. 


There is also an on-line video covering importing into Contacts which you can access from Help -> Feature Tours -> Importing Contacts. 

Trevor Lever

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Re: Importing Contacts from Excel

Hello Earnestine,
Welcome to the Sage ACT! Community. For instructions on importing contacts into ACT! from Excel, .csv, and .txt files, please see the following Knowledgebase article:

Greig Hollister

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