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Importing CSV file into contact database

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Importing CSV file into contact database

I have followed the steps in KB 26828 and data is still not importing.

I am using Windows 7 with ACT pro v18.

There are three columns of data in the CSV file: Contact , New Phone Number, New Extension.

I created new fields and then added to the designer layout.

I've tried several different variations for importing and none seem to add the data.

I've selected the sort/duplicating criteria to sort only on contact name with the understanding

if the contact name  matches in both the source and the destination, the "merge" option will

import the two columns of data into the newly created phone fields.


So I created a new database with my record as the only contact.  The import added the contacts, new phone number, new extension into this test database.

I then deleted the numbers in the contact fields and tried to import again and the phone number and extension did not import.

Thanks for some helpful resolutions to this issue.

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Re: Importing CSV file into contact database

When in import wizard try Custom.
The first column is what is in the csv and right column always for section to an Act! field.
Are the columns filled in?





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Importing CSV file into contact database

Yes, I have done all that. 

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Re: Importing CSV file into contact database

I have mapped the import column to the correct Contact Field but the data does not import.

The import file is saved as a tab delimited csv file.  The import file has three columns

"last name", "New phone", New Ext.  New defined fields were created and added to layout

Attempted import options included:

I) For duplicate checking, only contact is selected with the action to merge data if there is a match on

contact name. ( contact field contains only last name).  I have also selected two version for checking

matching " Last name" only and "Contact", neither imported data.


2) Another attempted import involved importing the tab delimited csv file to the default fields (which are empty)

for Phone, Extension.  The contact field in the Act database has only last name.  The CSV file only has last name.

Data still did not import.


3) Header Row in the CSV file have the same name as the ACT contact field being imported.


4) Also tried to import to different layouts with the new fields added.

Other than uninstalling ACT and reinstalling what factors are blocking the import?  The fields are all "characters" for CVS file.