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Import issue

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Import issue

I imported a larger excel file of around 28,000 contacts into ACT! around a month ago.   However, I realized that I did not import a column that I would like to be in the "Last Results" field in ACT.  This column affects only around 4,000 of the 28,000 contacts.


I seperated the 4,000 from the original spread sheet and renamed all the columns to match the corresponding ACT! fields.  I planned to just import and replace all of the Contact data in ACT! with the excel contact data for these people.  However, when I try to import these people (4,000 from the original 28,000 already in ACT!) it tells me that only 3 records are "merged" and adds duplicates of the remaining 3,997.  How is this possible?  I realize that you can edit the duplicate checking criteria but all of the information is exactly the same, so there should be 4,000 perfect matches.  So, I then attempted to do it with the "merge" option rather than the "replace" option but the results were the same.  Luckily, I backed up before trying so I just restored and am able to prevent the duplicates by selecting the Do not add option but I still can't get the records to update.


I would appreciate any insight into how to fix this because I really do not want to update 4,000 records manually.

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Re: Import issue


Did you ever solve the problem

I'm pulling my hair out over this one.

I am sure this worked for Act 2010;

Trying to do this with Act 2011 (Hot FIx 6), just seems to deliver no results


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Re: Import issue

What are the details of the issue you are experiencing? And what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Greig Hollister

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