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Import issue act 2009

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Import issue act 2009

I have a CSV with double quotes as text qualifiers of 2000 contact records I'd like to import and dupe checking is on company, contact and phone.  On dry run I get 1950 of these to import.  Not sure why the 50 dont come in since theyre not dupes per the criteria set forth above.  On  a second run, i chose confirm each match and in that instance I was prompted for each one of the records but I believe when you confirm each match only 2 of the criteria have to match to be flagged as a dupe Any ideas?
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Re: Import issue act 2009

The duplicate checking depends on the number of fields you chose in Duplicate Checking preferences. In order to be a duplicate, the data must match exactly (except for case) on all the fields that you have selected in your duplicate checking preferences. So if you chose three fields, such as Company, Email, and Phone, then the data would need to match on all three fields in order to be a duplicate. Even an extra space between characters would cause a duplicate check to not match up.

Greig Hollister

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