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Import from web form

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Import from web form

Does anyone have a good way to import contact info from a web form (via email).


I'm using Outlook and have been using Email Lead Grabber (; but everytime I update Act, the egrabber update is something like $500 or more.  Which is too much for me.  I paid over $700 for the software to begin with, and have bought one upgrade, but to pay that much every year is just ridiculous.  I could hire someone to enter the info for that much.


Any ideas or suggestions would be great!


Thank you!



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Re: Import from web form

You might want to check this web site.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Import from web form

I've been using Web Prospect available from for a couple years now.  Very satisfied user.
Matt Pulsts
Your Intown Handyman
Atlanta, GA