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Import from Excel spreadsheet into Act groups?

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Import from Excel spreadsheet into Act groups?

I see plenty of forum questions asking if it's possible to import contacts directly into an Act group, but they're all from about five years ago.


I'm running Act! Pro Version, Hot Fix 3. Currently, I assign an "Import Code" to my Excel spreadsheets, import them into Act, then do a lookup for that import code, and then add those matches into a new Act group. I'd like to cut out this extra step and import contacts from Excel and have them automatically included in an Act group.


Is there a way to do this with the latest vesrion of Act without purchasing additional software? Thank you!

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Re: Import from Excel spreadsheet into Act groups?

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You could shorten your process by creating a dynamic group for your latest import, and then move the contacts off into a new or existing groups.




Remember the group would empty the next day, so it would be more like a tempoprary holding area for imported contacts.

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Re: Import from Excel spreadsheet into Act groups?

I looked for an ACT Addon that may assist.  Searched the "Group" category,  Nothing seemed to fit the bill. checked under the category of "Data Import."  

Try ImportIT by CRMAddon.  Documentation indicates that it will do want you.  However, a little bit pricey for my constitution.  I personally like OakMerge, but I am not sure it contains the feature you want.  


Also consider how often you are importing contacts into ACT! and associating a group.  If it is relatively infrequent, keep doing what you are doing.  If it is a daily or weekly task, I recommend the purchase of one of the above addons.


Tom Koller - ACC

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Re: Import from Excel spreadsheet into Act groups?

I have found since 2007 this product to work great for my import needs which it looks like its feature sets are comparable to Advanced version of ImportIT that I agree is pricing for what you need.  Anytime there is a big version (code) change in ACT they will make an update and charge $50 to run with that version of ACT.