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Import contacts from Excel

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Import contacts from Excel

Using ACT Permium 2011 v13.1.111.0 Hotfix 6.  Suddenly, we are no longer able to import contacts on the server or any of the remote databases using the same .map file and spreadsheet templates (.xlsx) which have worked without a hitch for 2 years.  Upon going through the import process and clicking Finish, nothing happens.  Have tried it with a dummy spreadsheet containing 1 contact and it does not work either.


The same thing happened 1 week ago and run Database Maintenance - Check and Repair numerous times and that fixed the problem.  Apparently, that was temporary, as we have run it numerous times on each PC and we are still unable to import spreadsheet data into ACT.

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Re: Import contacts from Excel

Hello Davewarar,
Welcome to the ACT! Community,

Can you provide some additional information about your situation:
- Have you tried the import directly on the computer hosting the database (not from a workstation)?
- Have you tried the import without using the existing map file?
- Have you tried importing the file into the demo database (or create new test database)?

Greg Martin