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Import Calendar on Another User's Computer

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Import Calendar on Another User's Computer

I am using ACT! 2010. My boss can see my calendar (which I have synced over from MS Outlook). How can I import his calendar (on MS Outlook) to my ACT! so I know when his appointments, events, etc are? Does he need to create a profile? I have been looking through the Quick Start Guide for New Users, but it hasn't been very helpful.



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Re: Import Calendar on Another User's Computer

Hello ahong,

ACT! can only sync a local calendar using a default Outlook profile. If you would like to see his calendar, he would need to sync his Outlook calendar to his local copy of ACT!. Then if you have a shared database, he can grant you access to his ACT! calendar and you should be able to see his activities.

Greig Hollister

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