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Images not working with mail merge

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Images not working with mail merge

Hi there,


I am having issues with images attaching to a mail merge I am trying to do. I have the pictures stored online and when editing the template I included them using an INCLUDEPICTURE formula. This worked well and when I test sent some to my colleagues it showed up ok. Now that I have made a final draft and tested it again it reverts back to normal whereby when my colleagues receive the e-mail it gives them a 'cannot display image' or 'image may have moved' error. 


I sent a test e-mail to my external gmail account and when I received it it was saying to me that the pictures included were all attachments the pathnames were pointing to a temporary folder on my PC rather than to an external URL where the images actually come from.


Has anyone had this before or have any idea as to why I can't just link in images to my mail merge - it's a very basic function which I would have thought would be well implemented but clearly not! 


I use word to edit my mail merge templates also.


Any help greatly appreciated! 


- P

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Re: Images not working with mail merge

Hi Paccers,

There shouldn't be any issue with how you're doing it... if you create the template in Word and attach images they should show up in an email.

Can you try removing one of the images and then re-attaching it to the template?
Damien Park