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IMport from Excel for data Merge

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IMport from Excel for data Merge

I exported 550 contacts to excel with no email address. I had someone research and discover the 550 email addresses and enter them into the excel spreadsheet. When I try to import the data back into the records, in hopes that it will pick up and fill in the new (blank) email address - it doesn't accept it. I can get it to create duplicate records, but not merge the new data into existing record. I am using Act premium for workgroups (2007 - 9.0)


It's coming from a .csv (tab) file. When mapping, the "preview" shows the email address. The 'contact merge options' I think I should use are 'merge' and 'do not add', but they don't work. All other combinations do not work either. The best I can get is a duplicate record. I can't get it to work in the demo version either.


I have tried it with 'check for duplicates' checked and not checked (preferences/tools).

I tried importing it into a blank user field - didn't work.

I have tried it on both the remote database and the primary database.


Ideas welcome...????





Anyone have any other ideas?


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Re: IMport from Excel for data Merge

To import to a blank field, try this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


Personally, I find the best way is to use itImport - the basic edition would be enough for your task

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Re: IMport from Excel for data Merge

I know this question was from awhile ago, but after searching and trying for DAYS, I finally found the answer!  For Sage 2012, go to tools, preferences, and then Admin  (It's on the general tab in the older versions).  Find the Duplicate Checking tab and then match the field.  It allowed me to merge two spreadsheets with a variety of different information, something impossible to do in the import/merge.  I'm also hoping it allows me to update a large number of clients all at once. 

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Re: IMport from Excel for data Merge

One of my Act! customers emailed me a link to this post saying he had the exact same problem. I figured I would share my response here as well, should anyone else stumble onto this.

My initial suggestions would be:

  • Always run custom import, never typical
  • Check field mappings are correct
  • Enable duplicate checking & verify what fields you are duplicate checking on. 
    • Remember with Act! duplicate checking is always verbatim.  The best duplicate check to match on is email address - but if the email addresses don’t already exist in Act!, then that is not an option.
  • Check your duplicate merge settings.  Merge if duplicate is found, Do Not Add if not found.


This should pull in email addresses from the spreadsheet back into their origin contact records in Act if it is blank.  It will not overwrite any existing values.


If the import fails, then there are likely problems with the duplicate checking or overwrite settings, and I would have to troubleshoot it to learn more.

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Re: IMport from Excel for data Merge

Additionally... I suggest that the first attempts to import records..  be made in a DEMO database or a new database - this to avoid putting incorrect records in the production database.


Best regards and good luck...