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I would just like to say...........

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I would just like to say...........

To all who read this board "I would just like to say....." that due to the huge number of users of ACT! you see very diverse opinions of its functionality, problems and solutions.  I used ACT! from its inception to version 3 and then moved to Goldmine for its Group strengths.  I have now come back to ACT! in version 2008 and am utterly amazed at how GOOD it is.  It has the power and depth of function of Maximizer and the interface really sizzles.  For any people on the fence over whether to purchase ACT!, do not fear.  I downloaded the program after purchase and had it installed and operating in about 30 minutes.  No hitches and smooth as silk operating.  My only complaint is a general one about all Sage Software:  Their error messages rarely identify the problem for you.  I've only had one or two and they were of no consequence.


If you've been waiting go for it.


Dan P. Beckner