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I need help with the task list please

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I need help with the task list please

Hi All,  I have been having problems recently with my copy of Act! 2007 (9.0 updated to 9.1).  I have been running Doublelook because my

company supports outlook but I prefer to use Act!.  It has all been working flawlessly for over a year (so I thought) and Doublelook is an

Awesome Application and saves a ton of time by eliminating manual inputting.  I also used Active Sync to sync one way to my Pocket PC.  In November I switched to a BlackBerry and got a new computer.  The conversion of Act and Doublelook to the new computer seemed to go OK.  After several months I found that ACT! has slowed down to a crawl.  Upon further investigation, it would appear that I caused a problem by synching my blackberry with my computer Over the Air as well as when I plugged in the sync cable.  That seems to have created a kind of sync loop that kept adding contacts and calendar entries.  Then DoubleLook would see the new additions and sync again and the loop continuously and adding duplicates as it went on and on for a long time.  I have since solved the original problem by turning off the USB direct sync and only sync over the air on my Blackberry I no longer have new duplicated calendar or contact entries.  I went back and manually deleted the duplicate calendar entries and duplicate contacts which only took an hour.


My real problem is I discovered that my Task list in Act! also was involved in this sync and duplication but my Task list in Outlook is still OK.  I have a large To-Do list on Outlook, after reading this Forum, I now realize the Task List in Outlook is not the same as the Task List in Act!.  I have now turned off the To-Do list sync option in Double Look, but the damage has been done.  My task list in Act! has over 437,000 repeated to-do listings, most of which are repeated over and over again and are just clogging up the system.  This is why my Act! has choked.  I never used the task list in Act! 2000 and I really don't need it in Act 2007.  It looks like Act! will only allow me to delete "to-do" entries, one line at a time in a tedious procedure that has me review a screen prior to the actual deletion, this process would take forever.  If I highlight a group of a couple of hundred lines, Act! allows me to click on "cut", But when I do this, I stare at an hourglass symbol for several hours while the program tries to cut the group.  Normally before the entire highlighted group is cut, the process stops because SQL Server 2005 stops or crashes and unhooks from the database.  The result is maybe 30 or 40 of the duplicates get cut after several hours.  But I need to delete 437,000 duplicates, this could take YEARS!!!!!  Its times like this I long for the speed, simplicity,reliability and low resources requirements of Act! 2000.



I am very frustrated and I would like to know if there is an easy and an effective way to simply purge, clean out  or delete the entire task list while still

preserving my contacts and contact notes and calendar data.  Now that I have fixed my original sync issue, if I could just delete or purge the entire

task list, it would start populating the much smaller numbers of the normal tasks throughout the day with no more duplicates.  In Doublelook, I have the

ability to re-read the database to resynchonize.  Logically, I could re-read from Outlook and the data in Act would be re-written by Doublelook and be refreshed and cleaned out.  The problem is I have many more fields in Act! that I use that cannot be duplicated in Outlook, so I can't purge my entire Act! database file, doing that would delete all of the other data that I need.  The Act! 2007 manual is virtually useless and searching the Forums for "Task List" or To-Do" did not bring up anything that was close to my issue


If anyone has any ideas on how to purge or delete the entire task list (or at least the "To-Do's") without deleting the contacts or calendar

entriesl I would be much in your debt.


Regards,  Cdskidso

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Re: I need help with the task list please

Unfortunately you can only purge cleared activities.  Please contact database services to remove the duplicate activities.