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I need a local or online tutor/ass't

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I need a local or online tutor/ass't

I bought ACT for Realtors more than a year ago and am not using it to potential because I haven't taken the time to learn it.  I need a tutor and an assistant to help me input and organize my data.  Any suggestions?
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Re: I need a local or online tutor/ass't

If you are looking for a consultant, I would suggest reading some of the answers from the members who are clearly consultants and see if their method of answering questions compliments your learning style.  I would then send a private message to one to see what their rates are and how this would be done, especially if they are geographically separated.


I am a fair user, but I am not a technician.  I used to consult for ACT 1 thru ACT 5 or to about the mid 90's.  Today's version is much more complex and you need someone who has set up realators as well as know how the program really works under the covers, so to speak.


Another approach is to take one topic or aspect of what you are working on and post it here on the board and see how others would respond.  For example, as you collect information on your customers, you may want to know what others think about a check box, memo field, character field or a drop down box field. 


Finally, you might consider reposting your question with a subject such as, "I need help from other realators using ACT".  That might get more attention.

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