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I can't open my ACT! database

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I can't open my ACT! database

My user profile got corrupted and I had to create a new user profile and move my data from the old profile to the new. Now when I try to open my database ir receive the following error message "an attempt was made to access the framework without having logged on to a database. Please logon to a database first" Can someone please tell me how to get my databse to open?


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Re: I can't open my ACT! database

Are you referring to your Windows user profile?


If so, the issue might be because portions of the previous profile will not be accessible to your new windows login.


Simplest thing might be to do a restore from your latest backup.  By default Act! typically wants to put its database files inside of the documents folder(s) of the current user logged in, and then this can be a problem if that location cannot be accessed with the correct permissions.


When we install Act! and there is a local database, we always create an \ActData folder off the root of a local drive.  This is easy to find and is not linked to a windows login in any way.


Create such a folder and then restore your database to it.  After completing that, in preferences, you can update the default database location to the ActData folder...