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I can't get my 2007 ACT database files into my 2009 database.

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I can't get my 2007 ACT database files into my 2009 database.



I can't import my 2007 ACT database into the ACT 2009 database I've just purchased. I followed these steps...


1) I saved my 2007 ACT database as a .pad file from my PC

2) I installed ACT 2009 on my laptop and transfered the .pad file to my laptop 

3 I open up ACT 2009 on my laptop and click 'File' / 'Open Database' 

4) I select the .pad file (.pad file from my 2007 ACT database) 

5) A log in screen comes up and I enter my username (I have no password so I leave that blank) 

6) This error comes up

'The database you are trying to access has been locked by an administrator.  Please try again.'




If you have any ideas on how to get all the data from my 2007 ACT database to my 2009 database, I'd be very grateful. 




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Re: I can't get my 2007 ACT database files into my 2009 database.

Hello George,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. I assume you are try to convert your 2007 database to 2009. Follow these steps:

- On the machine that has ACT! 2007 installed, make a backup of your 2007 database (File/Backup/Database)

- Copy the backup file (.zip) to the machine with ACT! 2009

- On that machine, go to File/Restore/Database, choose the Restore As option, and restore that database

- When 2009 goes to open the database, you will get a prompt that the database needs to be converted. Go through this process and you should be able to access your data in ACT! 2009

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: I can't get my 2007 ACT database files into my 2009 database.

Hello Gwatts,

Welcome to the Community.

It sounds as if you have the original computer with Act! 2007 still available, the recommended way to copy a database from one computer to another is to use the Backup and Restore functions within the program.


When you copy a database from one computer to another, you have to get 2 files and 1 folder (the PAD file actually isn't necessary).  The files you need are the *.ADF and *.ALF, the folder is 'databasename-database files'.  Once copied to the new machine, you will open the database with the ADF file.


You can unlock a database using the Actdiag program, to do this:

- click on Windows Start button > select Run (XP only) > enter 'Actdiag' into the command box and hit enter.

For Vista/Win7 you will enter Actdiag into the Search field.

- on the Diagnostics screen > click on the word Databases in the left column > select Database List

- you will now see your database list on the right > left click on the appropriate name to highlight the name > go to Actions menu > select Unlock.


I recommend that you go through Actdiag, unlock your database and then 'Detach' it also.  Then delete the PAD file copied from the original computer and open your database using the ADF file.

Greg Martin