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I DO NOT BELIEVE IT - RESOLVED: Outlook 2016 integration issues - READ ME

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I DO NOT BELIEVE IT - RESOLVED: Outlook 2016 integration issues - READ ME

Fool Me Once, Shame on You.  Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.


I did an extensive due diligence of ACT in November 2016.  Now, I am over 140 hours requiring technical support to make ACT work.


NEVER EVER Once, did anyone at SwiftPage overtly offer to me of all the integration issues ACT has with Microsoft Office 365.  NEVER.


In my business, if I did not make such a disclosure, I would be fined into bankruptcy and thrown into jail.


But, it is A-OK Fine, Peachy Keen and Hunky Dory for software vendors to screw its paying customers over by not disclosing to them the heck for which they are paying their money.



I do not believe the post made by SwiftPage ‎06-29-2017 08:15 AM entitled RESOLVED: Outlook 2016 integration issues - READ ME


My environment is:



  • Act! Premium Version, Update 3
  • Windows 10
  • Click-to-Run Update Support - Successfully installed on 07/13/2017
  • 2017-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4025342) - Successfully installed on 07/11/2017
  • Office 365 – Office Update - This product will not be updated.  Version 16.0.4229.1024


I TURNED OFF Office 365 Updates with Version 16.0.4229.1024 after SwiftPage attested this version of Office to work correctly with ACT.  YET, I am still in ACT heck.


All of this is just a vicious cycle of perpetual heck.  Swiftpage is selling its product for money to ignorant customers not informing them pre-sale of the heck that will ensue.  And Swiftpage has not endeavored to proffer a solution/strategy as to address this problem head on.


Yet again this AM, the first thing ACT does when trying to send an invitation email is to stop working.  I have to shut down ACT and restart.  The invitation email feature will NOT work.


Swiftpage sold me its product and never overtly stated to me upfront, pre-sale, that post sale I would then experience colossal agony and Swiftpage would casually blame other vendors as the root cause of why it is just Peachy Keen that customers cannot use its software as represented pre-sale.


I have over a dozen responses from my posts in the ACT Community for features Swiftpage sold to me for my hard earned money and I cannot get to them.  Supposedly, this target small business owner customer of Swiftpage is to fix the ACT technical issue du jour as Swiftpage castigates blame elsewhere because it cannot or will not inform customers of best practices to setup ACT and to maintain ACT so that they can actually use ACT.


If I were the CEO of Swiftpage, I would endeavor to fix this issue so that I could fire 50% of the tech support staff because they are no longer needed.  Then I'd market the heck out of the fact that the issue was resolved once and for all and that paying customers will actually be able to use ACT rather than fixing it.  So, I would reduce payroll, increase margins and expand market share.


But,that is not happening, as evidenced by the fact of all the CRMs that have invaded ACT's market share.


If you people would get your collective ACTs together, you could trounce your competition because yours is the better CRM.


I have my doubts that will occur.


I am faced with moving to an inferior CRM, the features of which do work, are reliable and there is no casting blame elsewhere for failure.



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Re: I DO NOT BELIEVE IT - RESOLVED: Outlook 2016 integration issues - READ ME

[ Edited ]

Hi Princeedwardh,


I understand the concerns and frustrations with the issues you are experiencing with Act! and please understand that we do not intend or want our customers to have bad experiences in using our software, and we are working constantly to resolve the issues or find work-arounds for issues that maybe appearing in both new versions of Act and builds of Outlook when they are released.


I feel I do need to mention that back in November 2016 I do not believe we had any issue with Office 2016 that could not be resolved. During this time we had delayed the release of Version 19 to be able to ensure compatibility with Office 2016 and 64 bit systems.

While i cannot speak about the discussion that you would of had during the time of purchase I do not believe we have hidden issues or mislead customers when we discovered that we have a major issue surfacing.


While in the newer builds of Office we do have a known defect that Act will crash when using Write > Email (From template) or Send invitation, however we have a work around, which is to Use Write > Email message. this will correct whatever issue is in the background causing Act to crash, I am not aware of this ever happening in build 4229 however there could be troubleshooting we can do to resolve this issue.



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Re: I DO NOT BELIEVE IT - RESOLVED: Outlook 2016 integration issues - READ ME

Back in November 2016, ACT did have issues.  I have 6 GB of recorded video and 150 MB of recorded technical support calls.


I offered this documentation to Swiftpage's CEO with 3 voice messages to him.


In that documentation, there are February 2017 recordings stating that ACT knew that known issues with an October 2016 Outlook release.


Yet, Swiftpage sold to me in November 2017 its product that would not work with Outlook.


From November 2017 through February 2017, I engaged Level II tech support aggressively invading my computer for 40 hours.  For hours 40 - 90, I had a higher level, dedicated technical support person.


Between hours 40 - 90, the issue with Outlook dating to October 2016 was revealed.


SO, 40 hours of my time was wasted with Level II support because THEY were not familiar with this issue.  


NOW, I know, all of this is MY fault because my core competency should be CRM software.  My core competency should not be that of the targeted Swiftpage customer, a business owner, which I am.  No, I should spend all day, every day, attempting to fix the ACT technical problem du jour, which will not be resolved for long, but waiting to inflict more pain at a later date.

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Re: I DO NOT BELIEVE IT - RESOLVED: Outlook 2016 integration issues - READ ME

Yep - you are too kind - that's a bunch a bull spit..

NOTE - Kind of related.

I just spent the past 4.5 days(17 hours yesterday) trying to get outlook 2013 desktop to work.

Eventually after 4 hours AGAIN today, with MS level 2 support - they fingered it out..


MS, Network Solutions, GoDaddy, 3 of their 3rd party support partners could not fixy.. Today Microsoft  finally fixed.. 

Many people currently having email probs.


Last weeks Windows 7 updates, Office 2013 Updates, Clobbered my Malwarbytes/Outlook 2013. Part of resolve was to remove MB..

At same time, Netsol upgraded their emails and recommended everyone backup their emails right away with pretty much no reason why.


I am usually one of first callers for support when a prob occurs and no one seems to be awares of any probs.

A few days later after several folks complain, then they are aware.


Network Solutions is now aware of their probs with pop emails not receiving and is working on prob..

I also had probs with MS Exchange emails not sending.


If you are using an office desktop email product to interface with ACT!, Recommend folks insure their emails are working 100% before trying to get ACT! to work/interface with office/emails.

Things are nice when they work, then there is all the bull spit. I am going to send MS, Malwarebytes  and Netsol and big Invoice for my 4.5 days of down time. Time and a half for my weekend and after hours work. It's getting tougher everyday to stay off the cloud.

I have purchased my last windows pc.  Good luck.




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