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How would I go about doing this?

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How would I go about doing this?

We are trying to find out how, or if, we can create a linked form to ACT that will track all information of client visits or if we would need to customize the tabs, and create a report to pull the information.   We have numerous contacts we meet with that work for the same company.   Instead of trying to remember when and who we last visited with at a company, we want to be able to pull a summary that will show the last visit, who we visited with, and our topic of discussion.  We currently create a trip report, and attach it to the contact in ACT.  When we get ready to visit that company again, we have to read the last trip report to see what took place.   We want to be able to click on a link from any contact within that company, and it show us a summary of our visits, who we met with, the date, and what was discussed.  Of course, we know we would physically have to enter the information each time we visited a client to keep the summary updated, but we want a quick & simple way to retrieve the information opposed to having to read back over our last trip report. Now, since we have all our contacts tied to the company they work for, would the summary need to be linked to the company or the contact?  If either is a possibility, we need to know how we would go about doing this.  Ideally, we would like to have a link on the contact screen that would take us directly to the summary so that we could review, update, and print it out prior to our visits with a client. 

I have only been working with Act for the past 1 ½ years.  I have had no official training on this program.  Any help in trying to figure out the best way this could be done would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: How would I go about doing this?

Try this...



2) From the list of Companies select the one you want

3) Select REPORTS




From here only select the information (History, Notes, Opportunities, etc) for the date range you want. Be sure to select "Current Company" unless you want to print all companies. Check the Preview is always a good idea to confirm the information is what you want.


By the way, the information (History) is only as good as what is entered after each visit.


Hope this helps...