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How to use TCP/IP connections in ACT?

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How to use TCP/IP connections in ACT?

Hi there!


I need some info about how ACT! Communicate with MSSQL Server using PAD files. MSSQL can be accessed via "NamedPipes" or direct TCP/IP connection. Witch of that ACT is using? How to configure ACT! to use TCP/IP connection to database - what is correct PAD syntax? I'm assuming that I'm using NamedPipes right now via SMB file sharing.


Another topic is that I'm reaching my database via Hamachi network. Does anybody have any experience with VPN operators and ACT! database accessing?

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Re: How to use TCP/IP connections in ACT?

Hello Grasnal,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


I'm not sure exactly what you are attempting to accomplish, but it sounds like you are trying to Share the database (access it from another computer).  To access the database you will need Named Pipes, Shared Memory, and TCP/IP enabled.  Here is an article with instructions for sharing a database across a network, it may help answer your question: KB Article 13878.


The PAD file simply contains the path to the ADF file.  The PAD can be opened using Notepad if you'd like to view it's contents.

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Re: How to use TCP/IP connections in ACT?

Thank you for your response. I'm trying to share ACT! database via internet (WAN) using VPN tunels provided by LogMeIn Hamachi (external operator). Everything is working - I can access ACT! database but performance is worse than bad. I must wait about 4-5 min when I want to retrive list of companies.


Client and server are in the same subnet (this is provided via Hamachi) and I was wondering if I'm accessing server via some SMB type connection (NamedPipes) or standard TCP/IP method (NIC listening on Port).


Should I provide you my PAD content here?

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Re: How to use TCP/IP connections in ACT?

You might find this KB article on how to use ACT through Hamachi useful.

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