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How to sync Act! Pro Version 21 with offsite server

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How to sync Act! Pro Version 21 with offsite server

COVID has sent us all home to work, but we still need to sync our database.  So far, we have been getting together periodically to bring in the machines and sync that way, but I know there must be a way to do this online.  Long ago I think I remember being able to do this via email, but I may be mis-remembering that.  I just got off the phone with a general tech support person who said the basic VPN that we have will not work with ACT! because it can't handle the SQL functions (Pro requires a VPN or LAN to sync according to everything I can find.) He said we'd have to invest a lot of money in getting a big-time VPN.   I don't want to do that; neither do I want to go from having a paid-for program to using the cloud-based (pay per user per month) version of ACT!.  
Can anyone direct me to a solution on this, or are we just stuck with having everyone disassemble their machines and bring them to a central location every couple of months?

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Re: How to sync Act! Pro Version 21 with offsite server

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I am assuming that you have the Pro version as you posted on this forum rather than premium. If its premium you may also have an alternative solution to the one below.


For Pro sync to work ACT will need to be running on the server at the office (or whatever machine it is installed on) and the receive syncs option ticked.


You will also need have a way of connecting to the office network remotely, often with a secure VPN connection. You can then sync remotely.


If you have Premium then it has a separate sync service that can run on the server and also you can use a method called internet sync that does not require a VPN or similar connection.


You will need your IT guys to set up either option in the office and happy to advise if needed.


More info here -


How do I set up remote database synchronization in Act!? – Act! Knowledgebase




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Re: How to sync Act! Pro Version 21 with offsite server