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How to subtract one group from another group?

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How to subtract one group from another group?

I have Sage ACT! Pro 2012 Version, Hot Fix 7 with Windows 7.


Here is what I'm trying to do.


I have a larger Group A and a smaller Group B.


I'm trying to create a Group C by removing the Group B contacts from Group A.


I've tried to "remove" the Group B from Group A but that just does not seem to work.  All contacts vanish when I do.





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Re: How to subtract one group from another group?

I would recommend using dynamic group membership, which will allow you to automatically assign contacts to a group based off of specific field criteria. For example, if you wanted all contacts who lived in the state of New York to be in one group, you could set up criteria for All contacts whose State field was equal to New York, they'd automatically be added to that group. 


For more information, refer to the following knowledgebase article on creating and managing groups:

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Re: How to subtract one group from another group?



you can also consider a addon like Group-it, group-it allows you to search with .and. .or. switch, and you can then define groups (one or several) that you want to exclude. the link to the manual explains exactly this use, (only you need to change the switch on the right side from include to exclude.




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Re: How to subtract one group from another group?

While I agree that the dynamic grouip method is probably the best, you can apply the logic that would build a dynamic group to an advanced lookup.


Determine what is unique in the contact record that would identify Group B as a subset of Group A and do a look up on that criteria.  You might have to do an advanced lookup if more than one criteria is required.  Then create a group.  


If, on the other hand, the determination is totally subjective, then you will not be able to build a lookup that will qualify each group.  


Going back to the dynamic grouping, sometimes it is necessary to add fields to the records to collect the data that would identify which groups a contact is in.  But make sure you make those fields mandatory as new records are created.  This is a good use of the Y/N field type.


Hope this helps.


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Re: How to subtract one group from another group?

I thank all of you for your suggestions and I will try to apply them.


Frankly, I finally simply paged through the 300+ contacts and changed their group memerships one by one.


Not computer smart but I finally got the job done in time.


I still intend to try a more intelligent approach as several have been suggested here but sometimes brute force accomplishes work in a deadline faster than a learning curve on a more elegant approach affords.


In any case THANK YOU ALL!!  I will learn better ways and apply them as per your suggestions!  Smiley Happy