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How to move ALL of ACT to a new machine?

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How to move ALL of ACT to a new machine?

Is there a single checklist anywhere that tells me how to move my entire ACT system to another machine?

Specifically, I'm not just talking about the database or the app (those are easy) , but also where are the instructions to locate and move the other files such as 

-screen layouts

-custom reports/templates

-links to external docs (is that via the Personal Files backup?)

-links to emails (or emails - not sure what it actually stores)


I'm sure others must have already encountered this issue but I haven't been able to find an answer that covers all of the above aspects.


Thanks in advance


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Re: How to move ALL of ACT to a new machine?

Anything that is attached to the database will be stored in the database's supplemental file folder unless you attached the file as a short cut.  If the files are in the supp files folder, it will be backed up when you create a backup of your database.


Anything attached or stored in a different location will need to be manually moved to the new comptuer.