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How to delete tasks without ALARMS?

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How to delete tasks without ALARMS?

Is there a way to go into View, Task List, and find all the things listed that don't have alarms?

For some reason I have put in hundreds without alarms over the years and need to delete them while keeping the others.

I can sort on many things, but not lack of an alarm that I can find.

Thank you.

Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version 15.0.301.0

Windows 7 64 bit.

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Re: How to delete tasks without ALARMS?



in ACT you can use the Task list, to clear all Activitys outdated (past)... due to performance this is strongly recomended.


i did describe this in our document, how to make act faster (4.)


if you need to identify what activitys have no alarm, this may be done in Topline Alerts




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