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How to create a call list?

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How to create a call list?

Hello all, I'm am just starting to get my head around ACT 2007 and can't seem to figure something out. I would like to import a list of opportunities for my sales reps out of our existing customer database. Basically I want to be able to specify a list of 100 new customers for them to call on each week. Every week they get 100 new leads to call. Obviously this too tedious to do by hand with 4 sales reps. So my question is how do I "import" into the opportunity table a list of current customers for them to call? Should I be learning about Groups?
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Re: How to create a call list?

The only way to import to Opportunities is with itImport - you can also use it to import the leads, assign them to reps and create activities all at the same time, which sounds more like what you need as the opportunities would only be created after the rep calls them and knows what they want
You can download a trial from that link