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How to copy/paste more fields from a contact?

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How to copy/paste more fields from a contact?

This has been a nuisance for years -- when I have a contact open and I go to Edit > Copy, then paste that contact's information elsewhere (say an email), only certain fields are copied:











Email address


How can I get it to include other fields such as their mobile number or an ID number?



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Re: How to copy/paste more fields from a contact?

rws - I too agree with you and have suggested this feature several times in the recommendation section.  Not wanting to wait for this to happen heres what I ended up doing:


On the main contact page I created a memo field.


Then I created a template with all the information I want.


I then run the document and copy/paste the resulting information into the memo field.  I then can copy from that field into whatever else I need. 


Please take the time to post your request for this feature in the Share Your Ideas section.


BTW, Goldmine has had this feature since the beginning of time.

John Purdy
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Re: How to copy/paste more fields from a contact?

Here is an add-on that can solve your problem:

Gilles Cavin
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