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How to Organise Multiple PROJECTS Involving Lots of Companies

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How to Organise Multiple PROJECTS Involving Lots of Companies

How can I hadle severl of these types of scenarios. Theya re for hotel re-fits.


Our main client CONTRACTOR-X runs 4 projects a year with the same people working on all the different projects. They also subcontract in lots of other companies who may or may not be used on these projects. We have to deal with several people in several companies for ONE PROJECT.


I thought of organising a project as a GROUP in Act2013 which would be able to handle the organisation of the companies per project BUT it would not give me the individuals within the companies who work on that project...just EVERYTHING for that company in that project.


This is quite a normal situation for large AND OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT FINANCIALLY  'contract' projects in my industry.


Thoughts (solutions!!) welcomed.

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Re: How to Organise Multiple PROJECTS Involving Lots of Companies



I have a number of clients who work this way and for most what we have done is to customise the opportunity to be the worksheet for the project and while the only contact is the one the project is for we have also added fields to capture and store the Developer, builder, engineer, architect and install with their contact details within the project. This way we can have multiple projects for a single contact in the database.


Each of the additional contacts are also listed in the database and once the process is complete our intent is to program picking and populating the above contacts from the database electronically rather than the manual method currently being used.


The other reasons for using Opportunities is to link, contacts histories, activities linked to the project and to produce a sales pipeline which is what that area is for. For further comment maybe contact me offline.

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Re: How to Organise Multiple PROJECTS Involving Lots of Companies

While there are no doubt numerous ways to potentially do this using some combination of Groups and Oppties and Company records, the logic of the workflow could get convoluted.


You might want to consider looking at either TopLine Dash or Durkin Computing Custom Tables.


These tools allow you to build an actual "Project" record which you can relate to ACT!'s contact, company, opportunity, etc. table...