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How to Import ACT File into SQL

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How to Import ACT File into SQL

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One of your customers uses Sage ACT. They have given us a file output from Sage and we need to convert it to our in house SQL database to run our analysis on. We do not have Sage installed.


Is there any way to do this?


I can open the file in Notepad++ and can see the data, but there are a whole lot of invalid characters as well.



Thanks in advance

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Re: How to Import ACT File into SQL

Why not download trial copy of ACT! (runs for 30 days) and restore the database so you can open it in ACT! and then run analysis. You could export to Excel depending on want data you want to retrieve, or connect via OLEDB etc.        

Graeme Leo
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Re: How to Import ACT File into SQL

What 'type' of file did they provide? Is it a report (pdf, txt, etc..) or a database file (*.ADF)?

If ADF, use Graeme's suggestion.
Greg Martin